Lanes Farm Energy have a number of key strategic partners
operating throughout the UK.

Funding Partner

Capital funding is an essential piece of the Lanes Farm jigsaw.  Privilege Project Finance have supported Lanes Farm throughout the funding and construction phases of the project.

"Lanes Farm is a Pontefract based project, which is designed to run on food waste and some crop residues and is currently half-way through build.
As a specialist energy from waste funding provider, Privilege has invested over £300m into the UK AD industry to date.
We’re pleased to see that the build is running smoothly, and we’re very much looking forward to completing this project together." - Privilege Project Finance

Construction Partners

The construction of an anaerobic digester involves a wide range of skills and expertise.  Lanes Farm is working with contractors including B38 and Weltec to ensure that the site is built safely, on-time and on-budget

"Lanes Farm Energy is a very complex and future-oriented biomethane project and demands all our knowledge and experience as a plant builder. The entire construction site and the interfaces are well organized and it is a pleasure to work with such professional and competent partners as Lanes Farm Energy." - Weltec

Operations & Maintenance

Lanes Farm Energy Ltd operates and maintains its site through a partnership with a dedicated supplier.

The successful running of the site also relies on Partners from the following areas

Feedstocks - Our process needs a steady supply of food waste and agricultural products to operate. Click here for more information

Specialist Equipment - We work with suppliers including Elster and Pentair to ensure that our specialist equipment runs reliably throughout the year

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